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The Company

W & M Profession Gym Inc. has been in operation for over 17 years. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation for excellence and reliability, keeping their prices low below that of their competition.

Company Founder and CEO Wally Wicha has over 22 years of work in gym and playground repair and is passionate about keeping gym and playgrounds safe for children.

Wicha is a skilled tradesman and with his staff specialize in the custom work needed to fine tune equipment to work in the many varied spaces of the school environment. Due to their good work and attention to detail, W & M has gained the patronage of the majority of the market in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Call W & M today for a detailed inspection report of the state of your school's gym or playground.

Certified Gym Inspections

W & M Professional Gym offers the services of 22 years of gym inspecting experience. A trained professional can assess the status of your school’s gym and recommend any needed repairs.

Professional Installation

W & M Professional Gym offers installation services for any product they provide. From basketball hoops to outdoor bleachers the W & M Professional Gym staff have years of experience in custom gym and playground equipment installation.

Spectator Seating

Recently W & M supplied and installed outdoor bleachers for Seven Oaks School Division from Seating Solutions. Additionally, W & M is now the Manitoban Rep for Interkal Telescoping Bleachers.


Custom Work






W & M Professional Gym Inc. is proud to be the sole Manitoban distributor for:


Proud installers of Everlast Climbing Industries, Inc. walls and accessories.