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Certified Gym Inspections

W & M Professional Gym offers the services of 20 years of gym inspecting experience. A trained professional can assess the status of your school’s gym and recommend any needed repairs.

Professional Installation

W & M Professional Gym offers installation services for any product they provide. From basketball hoops to outdoor bleachers the W & M Professional Gym staff have years of experience in custom gym and playground equipment installation.

Spectator Seating

W & M is now the Manitoban Rep for Interkal Telescoping Bleachers. Recently W & M supplied and installed outdoor bleachers for Seven Oaks School Division. .


A sample of the many products for which W&M provides distribution and installation services:
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Posilock Safety Straps
Distribution and Installation by W & M Professional Gym

Posilock safstrap is the only fail-safe safety strap device available on the market! Posilok is engineered to be the best safety strap for basketball backstops and gymnasium curtains in the industry. Posilok checks the speed of its own rotating reel 6 times per revolution and will lock if the trip speed is exceeded

Datronics Shot Clock
Distribution and Installation by W & M Professional Gym

Customize your basketball facility with shot clocks and timers from Daktronics. Designed to achieve maximum visibility, Daktronics basketball timers update players, referees and fans with second-by-second game information.

Braille Curtains
Distribution and Installation by W & M Professional Gym

A Roll-Up gym divider curtain is a convenient and simple way to divide an area. The curtain hangs from overhead supporting steel structures. Easy to operate: just turn a key, and the curtain unrolls as needed or rolls up for storage. This motorized roll-up curtain is a strong solution to dividing space.

Torx Electric Winch
Distribution and Installation by W & M Professional Gym

Industry-engineered specifically for use as a basketball backstop winch, the TW2000 is the only oil-free design available and considered to be the best in the industry. Independent tests verify the high ultimate safety margin designed into our products.


Custom Work






W & M Professional Gym Inc. is proud to be the sole Manitoban distributor for:


Proud installers of Everlast Climbing Industries, Inc. walls and accessories.