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While W & M provides the same standard products and services of any of the sports and recreation companies in Manitoba, an exceptional quality of this company is their ability to adapt their product to fit your school’s needs.

Recently, after a school gym received a new hardwood floor, raising the floor to ceiling height by two inches, W & M adjusted the structure of the Basketball apparatus' to maintain their regulation height.

W & M can also help out if you are thinking of changing the size of your gym, by extending basketball apparatus arms or painting new court lines.

To the right is a picture of custom built cross country ski racks. Perfect for helping with the organization of your gym's storage room. Also, W & M is now also custom building storage cages.

Custom work is W & M’s specialty, simply provide the specifications of the job and W & M can make it happen.




Custom Work






W & M Professional Gym Inc. is proud to be the sole Manitoban distributor for:


Proud installers of Everlast Climbing Industries, Inc. walls and accessories.